Volt Slalom Fin

The Volt is essentially the same fin as the Volt 2, it is a little narrower and thinner too. It also features the super fast Eppler foil. This fin is only available on stock in 38cm and smaller. This fin is super slippery, makes the board feel free and allows for a lot of acceleration and top speed. This fin is safe and smooth at speed. At low speeds you need to be a little careful not to put too much pressure, but with the Eppler foil the fin gives you a lot of feedback.

*Great for light wind speed sailing or flat-water slalom sailing

G10 available in sizes 28cm to 40cm

Carbon limited availability in sizes 32cm to 48cm

Vector Volt 2 Slalom Fin

Only available in sizes from 38cm and up. This fin gives power in the low end, however with the curved leading and trailing edge, in combination with the speed proven Eppler foil, this fin has a little more speed in the top end. It is a little more slippery then the Canefire at the high end, however it needs some speed to come to life.

*Good for flatter water and higher speeds.

G10 available in sizes 38 to 52 cm