Vector Fins Team Rider Peter Bijl

Pieter Bijl Goes 38.58 Knots To Win VMax Open And Take Top Windsurfer At Hawaiian American Speed Challenge

The 2010 Hawaiian AMerican (HAM) Speed Challenge just updated their speed rankings and Vector Fins Pieter Bijl was the top windsurfer at 38.58 knots over 100 meters. Pieters top Speed came as he was winning the Maui VMax Speed Challenge. (pictured Pieter Bijl)

August 28th saw the return of the VMax speed challenge to the islands with Vector Fins Pieter “The Flying Dutchman” Bijl taking the honors followed by Peter “Little John” John and Dan “The Man” Ellis. Chris “The Prisoner” Freeman also set a new P.B. at 33.48 knots, the question is will he hit his goal of a 40 knot peak in his allotted 60 days.

Name, Date, 100 M, Jibe, N. Mile (knots)

Pieter Bijl 08/28 38.58 22.65 22.71
Peter John 08/28 38.09 22.3 24.38
Dan Ellis 08/28 37.73 18.92 21.87
Tom Hammerton 05/06 37.18 22.22 27.80
Diony Guadagnino 05/05 34.74 23.30 30.62
Chris Freeman 08/28 33.48 22.74 25.39

The HAMS prescribes to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rules as follows:

  1. Best 3 100 m., best 3 Nautical miles and best 3 alpha 500 jibes from 3 different sailors for each team
  2. Team position in each category is added together and averaged
  3.  Speeds for Gorge team anywhere on the Columbia River Speeds for Maui team can be anywhere in Hawaii
  4. Speeds for New England team anywhere in New England
  5. Speeds in doppler from GT-11 or GT-31 GPS units

Check out the Official Hawaiian American Speed Website where riders have until December 31st to better their speeds.

Congratulations Pieter!