Jesper wins Marathon with Vector Fins Volt

WA Surf Mandurah Marathon – Crasher Cup

PWA approved Slalom racer Jesper Orth  (AUS-10)  starts the year with a 1st place

Jesper Orth in leading position at mark 2 (Pic: Steve Schneider).

With a total distance of 42 km and reaching legs of 7 km in a figure eight slalom set up, it was indeed a “leg burner” distance for the group of 43 sailors.

The forecast was a solid 15-20 kts and the big Peel inlet, near Mandurah Westers Australia and delivered quite smooth water and steady wind.

With a standing start in the water from the sand bank, spectators saw the 43 fleet of sailors going for the distance, where the big outside mark could only be spotted from halfway there.

The standing start for the marathon at Peel Inlet (Pic: Steve Schneider).

“Gear choice is critical for this type of event, as you would spend just around an hours’ time on the water. I knew my new set up of F2 SX 82 / 135L with my Vector G10 Volt 42had amazing speed and KArace 7.9 would deliver all the horsepower / speed and comfort for the distance. All in all it was a fast and comfortable set up and I could lead the race from the start to finish, but with Chris Lockwood, Rowen Law, Matt Langer and Isaac De Virus pushing hard to the first mark. It was great to see this event finally happening, after the local organisations and WWA had worked hard to get it going for some time. I’m very happy to win it and it also gives me good confidence in my gear setup for the upcoming season.”(JESPER ORTH, AUS-10)

Jesper wins the 2012 Crasher-Cup (Pic: Steve Schneider).

Jesper and a few other guys, who did well in the Mandurah Marathon, are well prepared for the prestigious Lancelin Marathon, which will be held in 10 days on January 14th.



1st Jesper Orth                   (KA/F2)
2nd Isaac De Virus              (Severne/Starboard)
3rd Chris Lockwood            (NP/Mistral)
4th Matt Langer                  (Maui/Carbon Art)
5th Rowen Law                   (Severne/ PD)


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