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The Raven is a dedicated speed fin and can be ordered in symetric or asymmetric for either tack, and at 60/40% or 65/35%.


The Delta Speed is a dedicated Speed Fin.


Speed Weed can be ordered in 40 and 45 degree rake angle


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For the Slalom Fins it is all about the balance, the balance between acceleration/speed/lift/control.

While for the rider it is all about confidance, speed, good start and great gybes.

At Vector fins we do a lot of R&D to give you the right balance that can help you gain to confidance.

Vector Slalom fins are designed and tested world wide including on the PWA World Tour.




Vector Canefire Slalom

This fin offers really good drive through rough conditions. It has a simple outline and a thicker and rounder constant foil. This foil will ensure that even at low speeds the fin has grip. So out of the gybe this fin will offer great power. Especially through rough waters and in light winds this fin keeps giving lift, so you have acceleration and something to push on. This makes this fin perfect for light wind and free-race sailing.

*Gives power easily, planes easily and offers great control.

G10                      available in sizes 32cm to 55cm

Carbon    limited availability in sizes 34cm to 50cm


Vector Volt Slalom Fin

The Volt is essentially the same fin as the Volt 2, it is a little narrower and thinner too. It also features the super fast Eppler foil. This fin is only available on stock in 38cm and smaller. This fin is super slippery, makes the board feel free and allows for a lot of acceleration and top speed. This fin is safe and smooth at speed. At low speeds you need to be a little careful not to put too much pressure, but with the Eppler foil the fin gives you a lot of feedback.

*Great for light wind speed sailing or flat-water slalom sailing

G10                      available in sizes 28cm to 40cm

Carbon    limited availability in sizes 32cm to 48cm

Vector Volt 2 Slalom Fin

Only available in sizes from 38cm and up. This fin gives power in the low end, however with the curved leading and trailing edge, in combination with the speed proven Eppler foil, this fin has a little more speed in the top end. It is a little more slippery then the Canefire at the high end, however it needs some speed to come to life.

*Good for flatter water and higher speeds.

G10                       available in sizes 38 to 52 cm


Vector Alpha Slalom Fin


Speed is nothing without control. With the Alpha you get control. The curved leading edge allows for acceleration, while the small tip keeps the surface area in the tip to a minimum and also prevents twisting. So through that it keeps the nose of the board down a little compared to the Volt. This means that through rougher waters this fin gives you more confidence then the Volt but not the same top speed if you can handle it. 
Also this fin features the Eppler foil.

*Great for all-round slalom and blasting, especially in rougher waters.

G10                      available in sizes 26cm to 42cm

Carbon    limited availability in sizes 32cm to 40cm


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Vector Wave fins are designed on Maui Hawaii and seen on waves around the world.


Vector A2 WAVE


Vector On Shore Wave Fin



Vector Side Shore Wave Fin




Vector Tri Fin Wave Fin Set



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On the FreeRide department we like to keep it simple.

We offer two different models of FreeRide fins. Freeriding should be kept simple and so we do. You'll find both fins extremely smooth FreeRide fins that share some of the same characteristics, but yet they are unique to what they stand out in.



Vector Fins Maui FreeRide EX. 

This is the faster one of the two FreeRide fins, with the quicker smooth outline and foil this fin gives nice lift and feels really safe at speed. It makes the board feel free but keeps you in the water. Having such nice acceleration and control, it gives you good confidence to go fast. The curved outline however also allows it to feel really smooth in the turns.

*Perfect fin for faster freeriding, giving speed without loosing comfort.


G10   Available sizes 24cm to 38cm


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Vector Freestyle Fins are designed on Maui.

18 to 26cm 

All bases available



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Vector Team Rider Brian Perez


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Important: Please note Vector Fins are high performace equipment and can contain very sharp edges. Use caution while mounting your fins and watch your feet while in the water. Please respect and care for our oceans. The water is an inherently dangerous place and while we want you to have fun please be careful out there.